Customized Packaging

In order to enhance your customers’ online shopping journey, it’s crucial to pack and label your products in alignment with your brand design. Our packaging solutions are designed to assist you in establishing strong branding experience for your products.


Why trust Efulfilment with your packaging needs?

Packaging is an essential but often neglected component in every e-commerce business that involves product selling and delivery. Not only does it keep your items intact and organized for shipping, proper packaging also establishes brand activation, consistency, and recall that will help complete your customers’ online shopping experience from your business.

When you’re running an online shop and selling hundreds or thousands of products, putting these items into their right packages can be very confusing, challenging, and time consuming. You have to find the right box size, decide which type of carrier bag to use, insert flyers when necessary, and stick receipts or other labels. Doing this once or twice a day shouldn’t be that bad, but for hundreds of orders to fulfil, it can be really tough.

At Efulfilment, we have just about all the packaging types, sizes, and materials you will ever need. From boxes to envelopes to carrier bags, we can store and pack different types of items for you. Plus, to top it all off, we do customized packaging, where we match the design and color of your packages to your overall brand design.


Our packaging products and services

Wide Selection of Packaging Products

Whether your intent is for branding and advertising purposes or for protecting your products during transport, we carry a wide range of products for your packaging needs. From boxes to envelopes to carrier bags, we have a huge selection you can choose from,

High-Quality Materials

The materials we use for packaging are durable and of high quality. No matter how complex the designs you want for your packaging, we ensure that they will be printed accurately and beautifully on our packaging boards. Even the finishing, coating, and foil blocking are made using advanced tools and technology to ensure quality and stability of our packaging materials.

Standard and Customized Packaging

We offer both standard and custom packaging materials. Whether you like them plain and simple or customized according to your brand design, we have the perfect packages that match your requirements. By adding a personal touch to your packaging, you are completing the online shopping experience of your customers. As soon as they receive your item, they can easily identify the brand or store from which they ordered it from.


Let our team handle your packaging needs

We understand that managing an online store requires full-time commitment. As a business owner, we know how much you value your time. We also know that no matter how you try to manage it effectively, oftentimes, you still can’t handle everything at the same time.

That’s why we’re here for you. Efulfilment is your partner to growing and scaling your online business. Let us take care of the tedious processes involve in your e-commerce business, so you can focus on other more important things. Contact us now and let’s discuss your packaging needs.

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