Stock Management

Require additional stock? Desire consistent availability of your products? Entrust us with your inventory management, ensuring you’ll never face shortages again. Bid farewell to concerns about low or zero stock levels.


Why trust Efulfilment Europe with your stock management needs?

We know what you’re thinking: outsourcing a warehouse and fulfilment services can cause all kinds of chaos and cost for your supply chain because you can’t keep an eye on your service levels and you will incur more costs and losses as your replenishment cycles become shorter. For most outsourced warehouses, this is problematic, but not for Efulfilment Europe.

Our optimized stock management will not only reduce your operational cost, but it will also help manage your supply chain to be more efficient and cost-effective.


Our stock management services

Efficient Stock Rotation

Our warehouses are fully equipped with pallet racks and shelves for easy access and storage. Our highly organized inventory system takes potential stock loss into consideration. We mitigate losses by organizing our storage in a way that products that have shorter shelf life are moved to the front while stocks that have later sell-by dates are moved to the back. We pick and pack the products closer to the sell-by date first to minimize potential losses due to expiration of the product or being obsolete.

Consistent Service Level

Hitting out-of-stock level is a big no-no for any retail business, even more so for online stores. This entails losing sales for a period of time while the stock replenishes. Losing sales even just for a day can be detrimental for a lot of businesses, as this gives your competitors an opportunity to convert your loyal customers.

In Efulfilment Europe, we have very sensitive systems in place to ensure we always have enough stock of your fast selling products until the next replenishment cycle.

Reduced Operational Cost

Our advanced system looks at the patterns of your inbound and outbound products to craft the most cost-effective replenishment cycle strategy. Based on your sales patterns and remaining inventory, we try to minimize the number of inbound transport so you can save on transfer costs.

Customer Satisfaction

We perform regular visual and manual quality checks of your inventory to make sure there were no damages due to transport or storage. Upon picking the products our personal do another visual inspection to make sure we only ship products that are compliant to your high standards to meet the customers’ expectations.

Furthermore, because of our effective inventory management, we always have the stocks on hand to ensure timely delivery.


Let our team handle your stock management needs

We understand that managing an online store requires full-time commitment. As a business owner, we know how much you value your time. We also know that no matter how you try to manage it effectively, oftentimes, you still can’t handle everything at the same time.

That’s why we’re here for you. Efulfilment Europe is your partner to growing and scaling your online business. Let us take care of the tedious processes involve in your e-commerce business, so you can focus on other more important things. Contact us now and let’s discuss your stock management needs and requirements.

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