Storage Solutions

You don’t need to keep your goods and products in your basement or attic. We have storage solutions ideal for your e-commerce business. We will keep, manage, and secure your inventory for easy access, packing, and distribution.


Why trust eFulfilment Europe with your storage needs?

For small and big online retailers, space is always a huge concern. In order to run a smooth and seamless transaction, you need to have a reliable number of stocks to ensure timely delivery. If you run your business from a home office or a small office space, finding the right storage space for your bulky products can be very tricky. Finding a large enough space, especially if you live in the city can be very expensive and there are lots of factors that come into play when looking for a warehouse outsourcing service.


Our safe and organized storage space

Here at eFulfilment Europe, we make sure your products are safe and well looked after. With our large warehouse located strategically in Europe, we have the optimal space to store your products all ready and available to be shipped all over the globe.

Why use our storage for your products? Here’s why:

More than Ample Space
Never worry about finding a large enough space for your products. We have over 20,000 m2 of space in our various fully equipped warehouses that are centrally located in The Netherlands for easy access.

Safety First
Our warehouses are fully equipped with firewalls, alarm systems, fire doors CCTV cameras, and high-technology fool-proof security system. The entry and exit of personnel are recorded and monitored for full accountability and transparency.

Customized Environmental Conditions
We understand that different products require different attention and environment. Some products need to be stored in a cool, dry place, while others need to be stored in a more humid or warmer environment. Our warehouses are equipped with reliable climate control. You tell us how you want your products to be stored and we’ll regulate the environment according to your specifications. We control the lighting, humidity and temperature to preserve the quality of your products.

Handled with Care
Our team of highly skilled warehouse staff are fully trained to use the forklift and other machinery used to store your products. Our experts regularly inspect the tools and devices we use to move and pack the stock. They also inspect the products that are coming in and going out of the facility to ensure that high quality products reach your customers.

Organized Inventory
We regularly conduct checks and analyses to find out the pattern of the inbound and outbound products, so we can always update the storage method and location that is best for your products. We regularly check the stock and update our system to inform you of stocks that are running low and stocks that age going fast. You can easily monitor the movement of the stock through our online platform.


Let our storage solutions help you keep your products safe and organized

We understand that managing an online store requires full-time commitment. As a business owner, we know how much you value your time. We also know that no matter how you try to manage it effectively, oftentimes, you still can’t handle everything at the same time.

That’s why we’re here for you. eFulfilment Europe is your partner to growing and scaling your online business. Let us take care of the tedious processes involve in your e-commerce business, so you can focus on other more important things. Contact us now and let’s discuss your storage needs and requirements.

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